“Help me, Help you.”

What if I told you that it’s possible to make money online, by simply reading a few emails a day? What if I told you that it would only take about 5 minutes of your day.  What if I told you your earning potential is only limited by the number of friends or affiliates on your account.  What if I told you that together we can create residual income, or income that you get paid for over and over again, for work you only do once.

I recently stumbled upon an affiliate network, aimed at making money per ad read, which pays you 2¢ for every email you read online, maximum of 5/day.  On top of that, for every affiliate or friend you have linked to your account gets you 1¢/email read.  And on top of that you will get 1¢/email read by your friends affiliates.  When I first read about this website, the first thing I thought was of a popular game on facebook called “Mafia Wars.”  The best way to beat the game was to grow your mafia as big as humanly possible, which would yield better bonuses and stats for you mafia.  The difference here is that:

  1. You don’t need to spend hours a day playing a game.
  2. You will actually reap monetary rewards versus useless game stats.
  3. You will have an easier time convincing your friends to join your cash network than your silly mafia

The next obvious question would be, what do I need to get started? The answer is simple, start by creating an account, in addition you will need a valid paypal account email, you want to get paid, don’t you? The next step would be to pick your favorite categories that determine what kind of subject matter you want delivered to your email. The minimum is 7, but to maximize your earning potential pick the maximum of 25 categories. The last and most important step is to share your cash network with all your friends and family so they too can join in the fun.

If you have read this far then I have tickled your money bone and you too would like to earn money with me.  Unfortunately, I can’t simply post the website due to workpress copyright issues.  So if you would like more information or a direct link to my cash network simply post a comment or email address and I will promptly send the information you need.

I have posted the total count of affiliates currently reading email for me below.  I will soon post my daily earnings and projected earnings based on the number of affiliates in my network.  My blog is still under construction, but visit back for more articles on different ideas for making money from home or even from your smartphone.

Affiliate Count: 0

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