A little background about myself:  I am married, three kids, full time job (7-6 pm), avid video gamer, and a television junkie.  Unfortunately, the full time job consumes the majority of my time and prevents me from enjoying the other beautiful things in my life.  For this reason I have spent the last few months researching different ideas of how to make passive income from the internet.  I’ve been looking for a single solution that would make my family rich, but I’ve come to the conclusion that such a solution is farfetched.  Instead I have concluded that my solution will include a series or compilation of many internet solutions, each contributing to your daily residual income gains.

So my blog will then be dedicated to connecting people with different ideas to increase their income from the comfort of their home.  The ideas that I will make available will be easy to setup and will not take large amounts of your time on a daily basis, like a regular 8 – 5 job would.  Please feel free to leave comments or post any concerns your may have.


2 Responses to About

  1. Mia says:

    please send me some information about the website you are talking about. Thanks!

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